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"Reader response to THE FUSE has been amazing, especially to our unique grumpy old female detective, Klem,” said Johnston. “Now in ‘Gridlock’ we’re turning up the sci-fi, and delving deep into the seedy underbelly of this run-down space station. Justin is doing the best work of his career, and I can’t wait for readers to see it.”

— Image Comics announces THE FUSE #7, starting a new story arc 'Gridlock', and reveals our awesome variant cover by the amazing Jenny Frison (Revival, Red Sonja).

It’s on sale November 5. Pre-order codes:




Here’s leiladelduca + Owen Gieni’s masterpiece of a wraparound cover for November’s SHUTTER VOL. 1: WANDERLOST TPB, collecting issues #1-6 for only $9.99, published by imagecomics.

It will contain all the story pages, but none of the backups/exclusives/back cover illustrations/etc. so if you want all the extra stuff, we definitely implore you to check out the single issues as they are awesome.

BONUS: as trades go on the map will run continuously, eventually forming one gigantic map of the entire series. So, yes, Leila and Owen absolutely killed it on this one. 


THIS ISSUE: Why Kate quit.

Shutter #5 is out tomorrow (or today, if you’re reading this on the 13th of August in the year of our Lord 2014 A.D., or perhaps sometime in the distant past). Here are the only three pages of the issue we could possibly show because the rest of it gets into Big Time Spoiler Country. That being said, eagle-eyed readers of #1-4 will probably catch a lot in these three pages alone.


If you believe that the relative lack of female representation in ‘Zero’ is an accident: no. 

When we began working on Zero #1, Jordie Bellaire, Michael Walsh & I had a very beneficial discussion about a scene in that issue. I wanted to start something, a tangential story, by covering Cooke’s genitals but not covering Zizek’s. We decided to change it and show both — and it feels like a right choice, because the lack of the feminine is already present within the story. Chapter #9, with Bosnia and the war atrocities against women, is a mid-point: this is how horrifying it can get. 

If you wanted another James Bond clone telling you war is okay: you were never going to get that with Zero. 

(Art by Tonci Zonjic)

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