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A Look Inside Black Ops in THE ACTIVITY
Comic written with cooperation of members of U.S. Military & Intelligence

They do their work in secret, the goals of their missions and the discipline, teamwork, and skills needed to carry them out well out of the sight of the American public. However, on May 2, 2010, an elite team of Navy SEALs carried out Operation Neptune Spear, killing Osama bin Laden and launching “Black Ops” into the American consciousness.

Among the imaginations captured by these elite forces was that of Nathan Edmondson, a writer (WHO IS JAKE ELLIS, DANCER) who was inspired to create THE ACTIVITY, a comic book series that follows the lives of members of the special operations group Intelligence Support Activity. Drawn by Mitch Gerads (with guest issues by Marc Laming), THE ACTIVITY depicts the training and covert missions of Team Omaha within the real-life organization with glimpses of the “regular” lives they live where no one knows about their real jobs.

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