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Price drop on penultimate Starkings-Ladrönn collaboration

Ladrönn has returned to HIP FLASK to illustrate the penultimate issue of Richard Starkings' acclaimed series. Ladrönn won an Eisner for his artwork in HIP FLASK: MYSTERY CITY, and he and Starkings returns with a lush, beautiful story about redemption and love, OUROBOROUS.

And, as a bonus, the price of HIP FLASK: OUROBOROUS has been decreased — from $5.99 to $4.99! It’s a Christmas miracle, and is it any surprise that it comes from the genial, white-bearded Starkings?

"Call me a numbskull," said Starkings, "but I figured readers need more bang for their buck, not less."

HIP FLASK tells the story of the eponymous anthropomorphic hippopotamus, an information agent in a dystopian future where human-animal hybrids, created as implements of war, struggle to be accepted into society. A series of extra-long issues, HIP FLASK is set in the same universe as Starkings’ beloved series ELEPHANTMEN.

HIP FLASK will be in stores on December 26! An interview with creator Richard Starkings, who is also the founder of the graphic design and lettering company Comicraft, about the art and design in OURORBOROUS was published at Multiversity Comics on December 24.

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