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  1. crimsong19 answered: I quite enjoyed last week’s Revival and Saga, which I’m up to date on. I’m a few issues behind on Thieves, though.
  2. jangobeezy answered: saga
  3. benferbug answered: SAGA! STILL FANTASTIC!
  4. boyslikeama answered: Saga was perfect but why did you have to rip my heart out with that cliffhanger?
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  6. daninna answered: Saga was awesome.
  7. wrappedupcomics answered: I read saga, it was amazing~.
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  9. browncrowns answered: I read Saga and I thought it was excellent, except for the part were you broke my heart. Thanks a lot Image/Brian K. Vaughan/Fiona Staples.
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  11. justinbee answered: RIP Lying Cat :(
  12. nalyd4 answered: Saga: Lying Cat, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :’(
  13. chanzero answered: <3 SAGA & REVIVAL :D — recommend both to everyone! Thief of Thieves has been solid too.
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