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How to Get Digital SEX


It’s not usually hard to find sex on the Internet, but digital comics readers may have to work a little harder this week to find SEX #1 by Joe Casey and Piotr Kowalski.

Due to content restrictions set by Apple, the new hit Image Comics title SEX will not be available on the Image Comics iOS or the comiXology COMICS iOS apps. Readers who wish to buy digital copies of SEX #1, which was in stores on March 6, and subsequent issues of the series, can purchase it on iBooks or directly from the the Image Comics website and then sync it to their iOS device and preferred app.

SEX tells the story of what happens when Simon Cooke, formerly known as the Saint, Saturn City’s greatest hero, discovers what it is like to live not as an icon, but as person.  After years of keeping himself at a distance from society, Simon finds himself ill-equipped for the tasks of a “normal” life, like running a business and navigating relationships – including with women, whom he’d stayed away from in his decade as a costumed vigilante.

SEX is an ongoing series, released monthly. SEX #2 will go on sale on April 2.

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