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UPDATE: SAGA #12 and Other Fine, Mature Comics


Needless to say, the past 24 hours following the availability of SAGA #12 digitally have been quite exhausting.  We’re pleased to see the issues related to this have been resolved by our digital comics partner Comixology and Apple.  Earlier today, SAGA writer Brian K. Vaughan issued the following statement:

"I wanted to apologize to everyone for this entire SAGA #12 kerfuffle.  Yesterday, I was mistakenly led to believe that this issue was solely with Apple, but it’s now clear that it was only ever Comixology too conservatively interpreting Apple’s rules.  I’m truly sorry.  I never thought either company was being homophobic, only weirdly inconsistent about what kind of adult material was permissible.  I’m grateful that the situation was cleared up so quickly, and I’m delighted I can go back to reading smutty comics on my Retina Display iPad.

—Brian K. Vaughan”

Sometimes good things come from challenging situations…

We’re pleased to update everyone that SAGA #12, written by Brian K. Vaughan and art by Fiona Staples, is now available in the Image Comics iOS application and available for purchase and your reading enjoyment.  

Additionally, SEX #1, the hit new comic from writer Joe Casey and art by Piotr Kowalski, which was released in March and previously unavailable to iOS users, is also now available for you purchase and enjoy in the privacy of your home, or anywhere your iPad takes you.

And as if that wasn’t enough, one of our favorite mini-series from back in 2007, XXXOMBIES, written by Rick Remender with art by Kieron Dwyer and covers by Tony Moore, is also now available for purchase and your sick, sick reading enjoyment.

All three series as well hundreds of others can be purchased in the Image Comics digital comics web store or in the Image Comics iOS application.

We look forward to releasing more mature material to the iOS platform in the weeks to come.

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