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It’s been a huge week for GENESIS by Nathan Edmondson and Alison Sampson!


It’s been a bit of a big week for Genesis. I mean, we are blown away, frankly

Thank you so much for all the support- this book has been a long time coming.

I’m attempting a bit of a wrap up of the last day or two on Friday morning, and there have been some reviews. Here we go, in no particular order. Click on the links to see the rest:

One of the highest compliments you can pay a comic is that it achieves broad appeal. Really, this will appeal to any reader…it is the perfect introduction to graphic novels for lovers of surreal and magical literature, and a treat for longtime comics readers as well. - Comics Grinder

It’s a dense and layered one shot that challenges you to ask questions, while treating your eyes to a feast of wild and imaginative design - Bloody Disgusting

I am going in for my second re-read and you need to pick this book up and get lost in the wonderful fairy tale nature it exudes. 4.25/5.- God Hates Geeks

Both premise and promise of Genesis is huge, and it’s something that Edmonson and Sampson are instrumental in delivering.- the FPInternational Blog (in a very rare review of an Image book, and an interview on making Genesis with me, by Richard Bruton).

"Genesis" is highly experimental, both in art and in tone, sprawling over 64 pages in an intensely beautiful jumble. - CBR
 (comes with an interview with both of us)

Edmondson takes his writing to a new level with this one-shot… this year’s most thought provoking comic. - Kabooooom

..fantastic art by Alison Sampson - Alternate Reality Comics

I would say that if you are a person that reads books from Top Shelf or Fantagraphics then you are on the lookout for this type of book. If you are a more mainstream reader but are open to different experiences then you might want to give the book a try. - Pop Culture Maven

Sampson does good work on the visuals, creating sweeping dreamscapes that tie in nicely to the disjointed narrative. - Newsarama

a fantastical, gorgeous, trippy and sad tale, well worth a read - Panel Patter

I’m honest in my reviews, and the last thing you want to do is tear apart something someone has worked so hard on… I had nothing to worry about with Genesis…(an) Excellent read - Silver Snail

It makes you realize that architects, who spend a lot of time designing how human beings should move through a physical space, can also be really good at directing readers through the visual layout of a comic book… a stunning piece of comics work - Mental Floss

Up for is ' Genesis a beautiful trippy tale of absolute creation.- Comixology

Hire this woman - Comics Alliance

Our Picks of the Week! :)

I found myself spending a lot of extra time on each page to appreciate the art. I would go as far as to say it carries the story as much, if not more, than the words do. Sampson’s work is consistently unique and will ensure you pay close attention. - Geekality

Great art can transport you from this world into something completely different and I found myself getting lost in the world that Alison Sampson was able to create.- Coming Up Comics

I cannot stress enough how excited I am to see elements of design find their way into more and more comics. Whether it’s across the oeuvre of Hickman, in the pages of Hawkeye, or here in Genesis, having an artist with a background in design can lead to pages that pop in a way that few comics really do these days.- Loser City

Genesis has some “pretty huge ideas” but it’s 's art that really sells it. - Loser City

a tour-de-force debut.., Comic of the Week - Broken Frontier

Excellent presentation! - Alpha Comics

New in the online shop is the beautiful GENESIS- Gnash Comics

Genesis from by and Looks amazing. - OK Comics

Whats is everyone after today? We call by as our pick this week! - Elysium Comics

Read it. Loved it. Talking about it on this week. - Aaron Meyers

Images from Genesis, Daves Comics, Beach Ball Comics, Gnash Comics, Jennifer from Image with a Genesis Cookie*, Genesis via Comixology, Alternate Reality Comics

GENESIS, drawn by … is a ridiculously beautiful book. (Plus a pinup by )- Christopher Sebela

Genesis was amazing. The most thought provoking comic I have read since Change. Your artwork inspires me to make more comics.- Justin McElroy

Guys! + have teamed up for GENESIS! Don’t be an idiot, go pick this up! … So happy to see something has been planning to do for so long is finally something tangible. You HAVE to understand it’s BIG! - Jordie Bellaire

Brilliant debut comic from Alison Sampson..(link) - Alex Hern

Genesis…is gorgeous and smart… proof that some of the best storytelling exists in comic books.- All-Comic

Today you guys should def pick up Genesis (1-shot) from Image, arted by  - gorgeous stuff. - Matt Miner

Looks awesome, Alison! Can’t wait to get to the shop and find it in my bag ^_^ - Emma Vieceli

Suggest everyone buys Genesis today by Nathan Edmonsen from

Comics worth reading this week: Genesis by Stray Bullets 2 by Minimum Wage by That’s it, really. - Filthy Orphan

There’s a lot of Comics out,but Genesis by & Jason Wordie is beautiful.Give it a look. - The Big Bang, Dublin

Looks amazing! - Neil Cameron

Hoorah! Can’t wait to pick up my copy! - Sally Jane Thompson

I feel like and both have pretty spectacular futures in comics with their breakouts. - David Fairbanks

The comics work of is really damn impressive and I really dug her talking about it over here.

You should hire - Justin Jordan

(*Genesis Cookie = Chocolate shortbread filled with apricot jam and covered in dark chocolate ganache, a biscuity version of a Sachertorte, you can get them here)


Matt Taylor's pinup for Genesis.

Our little GN is in stores today, and Matt’s art is joined by work from Chris Visions, Travel Foreman, Tommy Lee Edwards, Robert Ball, Artyom Trakhanov and Joseph Bergin III. Matt, myself and Robert Ball will be at London’s Forbidden Planet on Saturday to sign their exclusive Ian McQue variant and whatever you bring.

Genesis is designed and drawn by me, colored by Jason Wordie, lettered by Jon Babcock, written by Nathan Edmondson and published by Image Comics. We hope you like it.

This is the guy behind ZERO #7. - Ales Kot

(yes. this is that Matt Taylor. Zero #7 is going to be fantastic).


Last Orders: Today is the final order cut off (FOC) day for Genesis. This means that the number of copies printed by Image Comics will be derived from the amount of orders that have come in until today.

We’ve made it better, adding pages, nicer paper and covers at our own cost, so our book is now 64 pages with a spine. As a creator-owned graphic novella, that is unlikely to be collected or reprinted, Genesis really does need your support.

If you would like a copy, let your local or online comic shop or book store know. Details are on the poster, above. If you like the look of what you have seen, tell your friends.

Apologies for the sales-speak, but after all this time and effort, this is it.

All shares, RTs and reblogs are appreciated.

Thank you.

WHAT’S NEXT: THE DREAM MERCHANT by Nathan Edmondson and Konstantin Novosadov in May

Debuting in May from Image Comics is THE DREAM MERCHANT by Nathan Edmondson (DANCER, THE ACTIVITY, WHERE IS JAKE ELLIS?) and Konstantin Novosadov. Haunting, magical, and atmospheric, the series explores the dream life of a young man named Winslow. We talked to writer Edmondson about his newest project.

Who is THE DREAM MERCHANT’s main character, Winslow?
He is a troubled boy, the creative type many people are familiar with: can’t focus in school, has trouble relating to other people.  His best friend is a schizo in a mental hospital.  Winslow’s problem is a recurring dream, one that is only getting more intense.  

What about the world of dreams inspired you to write this story?
A friend wrote to me once that they “wished I could sell them my dreams, as they were far more interesting than their own.”  That started me thinking about dreams as something one could exchange, and trade, which yielded (eventually) the idea behind Winslow’s dream.  I also studied some of the philosophy of dreams in school, and was fascinated by where science, philosophy and theology all converged in this field…

Tell us about your artist, Konstantin Novosadov. How did you find each other?
I discovered some of (Russian artist) Konstantin’s work online; he’s superbly talented, and—and this is something I did not learn until months into the production of the book—we communicate primarily by Google Translation.  Now I’m able to practice some Russian on him and he works out English on me, but the he works twice as hard as most any other artist just to “Get” the script, and he deserves credit for that as well as his fantastic art.  

A Look Inside Black Ops in THE ACTIVITY
Comic written with cooperation of members of U.S. Military & Intelligence

They do their work in secret, the goals of their missions and the discipline, teamwork, and skills needed to carry them out well out of the sight of the American public. However, on May 2, 2010, an elite team of Navy SEALs carried out Operation Neptune Spear, killing Osama bin Laden and launching “Black Ops” into the American consciousness.

Among the imaginations captured by these elite forces was that of Nathan Edmondson, a writer (WHO IS JAKE ELLIS, DANCER) who was inspired to create THE ACTIVITY, a comic book series that follows the lives of members of the special operations group Intelligence Support Activity. Drawn by Mitch Gerads (with guest issues by Marc Laming), THE ACTIVITY depicts the training and covert missions of Team Omaha within the real-life organization with glimpses of the “regular” lives they live where no one knows about their real jobs.

Read the rest at

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