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It’s a real amalgamation of the women in my life and aspects of myself that I see as strengths and weaknesses. I think that’s something that is often overlooked or skipped over when men write a gender outside their own, that assumption that women don’t struggle with similar issues as men. Body image, anxiety, awkwardness. So many things that define us are not exclusive to any one gender. Not even close.

A big inspiration for this series, though, was to bring to life the women I know that I feel just aren’t represented in comics. Often when someone tries to make a woman ‘badass’ (I hate that term, by the way) they make her cold and emotionless and willing to step over anyone in their way. It’s such nonsense. What is strong about that? Strength isn’t invulnerability to feelings, empathy isn’t a weakness.

And the women in my life are impossibly strong. They’ve weathered some brutal storms and continue to grow and change and learn from their lives. They’re the variety of people you see in Rat Queens; foul mouthed, compassionate, driven, emotional, kind, shocking. Every single one different.

Kurtis J. Wiebe, Multiversity Comics interview

If you’re looking for an M-rated series that is full of swordplay, sorcery, and sass, and you don’t mind a bit of gore thrown in for good measure, you’ll love this. Betty, Dee, Hannah, and Violet are mercenaries for hire who can drink a troll under the table, use language that would make an orc blush, and mercilessly eviscerate baddies. Off on a minor ‘quest’ in order to make up for their drunken brawling, this kick-ass quartet soon realizes that someone or something wants them very dead. Making them dead, however, is far easier said than done. It’s not just the fantastic pacing of Wiebe’s (Peter Panzerfaust, Debris) text or former video game designer Upchurch’s blood-sprayed action sequences, but also the characters themselves that drive the story relentlessly forward. Possessed of very different body types, personalities, and idiosyncrasies, and not afraid to share exactly what they’re feeling, the Rat Queens are refreshing characters whose story will leave readers thirsty for more.

Publishers Weekly

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