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everyone-should-read-comics asked:

Dude, the Rat Queens party was easily one of my favorite parts about ECCC this weekend. Drinking beers and chatting it up with super cool people who are excited about comics was crazy fun. Thank you (and all involved) for putting that event together. We were pushing the book like crazy in our booth all weekend.


The Rat Queens party was a crazy experience. I hadn’t remotely expected the turnout we’d have for it and it was absolutely crammed all night. I suppose it’s hard to ever know how many people really follow what you do until you experience it first hand and interact with the fans in a setting like that. It’s completely changed how I see this series. 

In the hotel elevator after the party, Roc and I just said to each other that what we’re doing with Rat Queens means something. It’s become more than a comic to us. 

And you know what’s best of all? Above the fun everyone had at the party? Above hanging out with comic people? We raised over $1600 for Gay City Health Project and in doing so I’m giving back to a community that, because of my background, I used to be afraid of.

That means the world to me.

Thank you for coming out and supporting Rat Queens and the LGBT community in Seattle.

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